7:30      Registration Desk Opens


8:30       Annual Chapter Business Meeting and Award Presentations


9:00      Auto Body Shop Repair Fraud (Part 1) 
             Presented by: John Ellis  Major Case Unit Manager, Farmers Insurance Group


This course is designed to help you understand how a body or repair shop defrauds both the insured and the insurance company from the onset of a loss.  It will familiarize you with the types of scams that are commonly found within the body shop industry, including how a body shop lures a customer to their shop, creating and/or enhancement of damage and repair fraud.  This course will also provide investigative techniques and steps to use against the shops committing fraud, and to help prevent and deter them from doing so.



9:50     Trade Show and Networking


10:05    Auto Body Shop Repair Fraud (Part 2)


10:55   Trade Show and Networking


11:10    Negotiation and Persuasion in Resolving Conflict

             Presented by : Dr. Elizabeth Chapman

             Assistant Professor of Management, Stetson School of      Business and Economics, Mercer University


This talk will discuss the importance of negotiation as a tool to resolve conflict.  While negotiating is something we do every day in our personal and professional lives, we are often never trained on how to do it effectively.  How do we convince others to work with us on resolving an issue?  How do we persuade them to move in our direction?  Practical research and proven tools that work will answer these very questions.


12:00    Trade Show/Lunch/Networking


1:00      Break-Out Sessions


Session A:

Using Statement Analysis to Detect Fraud

Presented by: Special Agent Bill Weston   Office of the Insurance Commissioner


This presentation into the practice of statement analysis and its difference from body language monitoring.  The presentation will take an in-depth look at the core of a truthful statement and how statement structure and descriptive play a part in the analysis.



Session B:

How to Avoid Pitfalls and Traps in 3rd Party Litigation

Presented by: Melissa Segel & Rebecca Strickland     Swift Currie McGhee & Hiers


This presentation will address issues which often arise in third party liability litigation. Topics will include navigating the tripartite relationship, evidentiary issues, and challenging the reasonableness and necessity of medical charges.


2:00      Trade Show and Networking


2:10      Break-Out Sessions


Session A:

Changes in Fire Cause Determinations

Presented by: David Adams   Sr. Fire Investigator, Unified Investigations & Services


This presentation will discuss the way homes and businesses are constructed compared to in the past. It will also discuss the difference in vehicle constructions.  This presentation is intended to explain to attendees why there is a higher undetermined cause results in modern fires compared to 10 years ago or even sooner.



Session B:

New Requirements for 501 Hospitals under ACA

Presented by: Dr. Rick Wakefield     International Healthcare Consultants


It’s the ACA’s 7th birthday.  So, what is in store for the non-profit sectors and what is at stake in the National Health Insurance Reform?   As an investigator, understanding the requirements that must be maintained and guidelines that hospitals must meet in order to maintain a tax exempt status.   How to apply these new conventions in the coding guidelines, explain the new structure for procedure coding and categorize measures by root operation.  How do we use this in order to reduce cost that is not in the “amounts generally billed?”  The loop hole; not for profit hospital must follow guidelines in order to keep its 501 status. How do we as investigators use this to our benefit when negotiating billings? Determine when a dispute is arguable.



3:00      Trade Show and Networking


3:10      Break-Out Sessions



Session A:

Cargo Theft  Presented by: Douglas Patterson

Director, Travelers Investigative Services


This presentation will provide the attendee with the ability to identify the differenty methods of cargo theft and understand the problems associated with it from a law enformcent and insurance perspective.  The attendee will be helped to understand the difference between straight cargo theft and strategic cargo theft and identify the resources available for cargo theft investigation.



Session B:

Workers Compensation

Presented by: J. Benson Ward   Partner, Drew Eckl Farnham


This presentation will discuss current GA law regarding what impact an employee’s legal status has on the right to benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act. , including the state of the law, possible exceptions or options for businesses to address situations where an injured worker is undocumented, and what defenses are available.  It will then address the Legislature’s efforts to address illegal aliens in the workforce and the last law passed aimed at illegal immigration and identity fraud.



4:00    Seminar Concludes