7:30                         Registration Desk Opens


8:30 – 9:00              Annual Chapter Business Meeting, Elections and  Award Presentations


9:00 – 9:50


Session A:              High Flying Fraud at National Pain Care

                                Presented by: Atlanta Division, FBI


The presentation focuses on how law enforcement was alerted to multiple, complex fraud schemes associated with Dr. Windsor’s practice, Georgia Pain Physicians/National Pain Care; and boiled down the allegations to simple, undeniable fraud which led to Windsor taking a plea deal  instead of fighting in court.  The presentation highlights the relationship between the FBI and private insurance and gives some insight into how the FBI and SIU's can work together.



Session B:             The Hurdles of Insurance Fraud Prosecution

                                Presented by:  Blake Morton

                                Assistant District Attorney, Macon Judicial Circuit


This presentation will focus on the evidence necessary to properly prosecute Insurance Fraud cases in Georgia, as well as an in depth look at the statutes and case law that guide prosecutors into favourable verdicts and dispositions. SIU Investigators will learn what evidence is relevant and helpful in the preparation, indictment, and trial of an Insurance Fraud case, as well as what is unneeded. Further, we will look at case law as it pertains to venue, statute of limitations, and RICO.



9:50 – 10:05            Break/Trade Show/Networking


10:05 – 10:55          Infotainment and Telematics Vehicle Systems Forensics

                                Presented by:  Shawn Harrington

                                Director of Accident Reconstruction, ARCCA


Vehicle Systems Forensics offers a new look into actions of vehicle performance & driver interaction with the digital world inside of their vehicle. Vehicle infotainment and telematics systems store vast amounts of data such as recent destinations, SMS messages, call logs, favorite locations, contact lists, emails, pictures, audio, social media feeds, and, if equipped, navigation histories. Many systems can even store when and where a vehicles lights were turned on, when and where specific doors were opened and closed, when and where Bluetooth devices were disconnected (including the phone number of the Bluetooth device that was paired!), and odometer readings with date and time histories. This course will provide the audience with the knowledge to use this new and exciting and technology to fight fraud. Applications include suspect stolen vehicle losses, arson investigations, and more.    



10:55– 11:10           Break/Trade Show/Networking


11:10—12:10          Problem or Wicked Problem? Strategies for identifying  and managing difficult situations

                                Presented by:  Dr. Sherrill Hayes

                                School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding & Development, Kennesaw State University


In this workshop, the presenter will explore concepts, research, and examples from neuroscience and social science to help participants understand the differences in regular problems and wicked problems. Wicked problems, also called enduring or intractable conflicts, are defined by their resistance to typical interventions that would usually lead to resolution. The best way to manage a wicked problem is to prevent an everyday conflict from becoming enduring, so the presenter will provide evidence-based conflict management, negotiation, and communication strategies to address issues before they get worse. Attendees should leave with some information and tools in their toolkit that they can begin to apply right away.


12:10—1:00            Lunch/Trade Show/Networking



1:00—3:00              Social Media

                                Presented by: Joseph Stepehnson

                                Managing Director of SIU, Hagerty Insurance


This presentation provides you with information on how to better secure results from social media platforms to gain relevant information in less time. We will discuss the use of search operators, how to access social media content, including cross content postings (i.e., Instagram posts on Twitter feeds) using your search engine (Google, Bing), and finding hidden data on websites via the page source code.  You will learn how to locate, identify and then extract information directly from various social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. An emphasis will be placed on Facebook, with instruction on how to cull data from seemingly private profiles, as well as an introduction into URL manipulation, showing how to locate profiles using non-traditional information (such as an age range, gender, profession, hobbies, and likes). Time permitting, we will discuss mobile applications, and how to pull data from various mobile apps like SnapChat, Tango & WeChat.


3:00                         Seminar Concludes